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Band History - Where It All Began


Our history starts in June 2002. A small Indie band consisting of 3 members, Paul Mason (Bass), Sam Owen (Guitar) and Scott Morley (Vocals + Guitar) started of by playing covers, but soon started writing. The band wanted to progress a stage so started looking for a drummer but came up with nothing, they did however find a pianist in Luke Godley. Shortly after Luke joined Scott decided to leave and go in a different direction. This left the band without a singer and with their heads down, but not for long. Luke came up with his friend Joe Tong, Joe a very talented bassist and vocalist encouraged the band to keep going and get better. The band did so until they had another upset among the band. Paul Mason and Sam Owen had a fall out and Sam decided he couldnt work alongside the band anymore so left. Joel Mawlam a bassist joined the four piece moving Paul onto lead and Joe onto rhythm. They were almost a full band, however no band is complete without a drummer. Joe found a very talented young drummer in Mark Tennant someone he had met at college. The band was complete. Being Friends with Luke and Paul they soon learned I (Brett Smith) had started writing my own songs on my own. Luke asked me if I would write a song and perform it with them live at their next gig. I declined his offer but said I would still write a song for them and let them use it. They asked me if I would play it with them and record it, which we did so, they went ahead and still played my song at their gigs. After this the band went into a slump and lost their hunger to perform. Luke Godley had set his sights higher and wanted to start his own band as the front man. The rest of Marbella as they were known promised to stay together but soon split up after Lukes departure. Now writing his own songs Luke thought he and I would make an ideal writing partnership, he was right for a while but we soon realised we were better writing talents on our own but better performing together. With Luke singing and playing piano and me on guitar we had the makings of a new band under the new name of Malicot. We soon started looking for additional members with talent. A friend of ours from college James Warburton impressed us with his talent for playing lead so we invited him to start practising with us. After a while we realised we desperately needed a drummer and bassist if we were to make it anywhere. We turned to original Marbella member Paul Mason to play bass for us, which he was very happy to do. We couldnt come up with a drummer so yet again our efforts were put on hold, something none of us were prepared to do. Malicot went out of existence like the original band before it. Luke and James still perform together at acoustic nights. After the bands split up me and Paul continued to write together as we always had and it had proved we were very successful at it, with my chords and lyrics Paul always managed to write the melody. We decided that this time we would move away from Indie and write more up-beat songs. After Joe Tong had been turned down for a role in Malicot we returned to him and asked him if he would be our new vocalist and bassist. Joe agreed and so we had the full line up except a much needed drummer. This is where Eddie DivE comes in. Me and Eddie had been good friends since school but due to our very different tastes in music we had never realy thought about being in a band together. Also Eddie had been in local punk band DivE since school as lead guitarist and vocalist. After hearing us play Eddie offered to be our drummer for the meen time as he had been playing drums for a number of years. We are currently performing under the name Angelo.

By Brett Smith

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Joe Angelo : Bassist and Vocals


Paul Mason : Lead Guitarist.


Brett Angelo : Rhythm Guitarist


Eddie DivE : Drummer